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亚博yabo官方_亚博体育官网下载苹果_亚博体彩官网 is located in the beautiful scenery of the Dalian high tech Industrial Park, the registered capital of 6 ten million yuan, is the overall professional cleaning products in the domestic leading solution provider.
Sandaoke committed to cleaning technology, cleaning and washing, metal processing technology, cleaning technology direction of R & D and professional services. Products related to industrial precision cleaning, industrial cleaning, metal machining, metal surface treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, the hotel cleaning washing and Home Furnishing cleaning etc.. The user has covered the manufacture of machinery and spare parts processing, electric power, chip, PV, LED, LCD, computer, mobile phone, petroleum, petrochemical, marine, rail traffic, aircraft, automobile, home appliances, metallurgy, mining, aerospace, military industry, food machinery, Gaestgiveriet Hotel and other industries.
Sandaoke has a complete product quality management system certification and OHSMS ISO: 9001 quality system certification, ISO environment system 18001 14001 occupation health and safety management system certification, and in strict accordance with the system standards.
Sandaoke has the industry's only R & D Center won the title of provincial enterprise technology center, and cooperation with the international giant BASF reached a strategic alliance in technology, broaden the channels for the development of new products three Daaoke, increase market advantage, promote the development of the company, enable enterprises to become the industry pioneer.
Sandaoke own product development expert team to customer on site solutions, to help customers solve real problems in the application, and in the major city of the country all have established 30 branches, more quickly to provide professional services for the majority of users.
We adhere to the "honest, faithful, pragmatic" business purpose, and make unremitting efforts to become the best China industrial cleaning industry service providers.

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电话:0411-65856888 传真:0411-65853619 邮箱:sdok@sdoke.com